Diode Laser Depilight

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Diode Laser Depilight

The Diode laser is a real jewel among the hair-removal systems. With a large variety of setting possibilities, the Diode laser offers an almost kittenish treatment procedure for permanent hair removal.
The eligible duplication of frequency leads to an enormous head start for large treatment areas. The treatment head is cooled by a peak of sapphire glass and offers an optimal skin protection to the patient.
The wave length of the Diode laser is not only appropriate for the removal of hair, but also for treatment of acne scars. The Diode laser reduces the activities of the sebaceous glands in the skin purposefully. A visible result can be seen already after one treatment.

General Soft Smooth Skin , secure and modern laser technology.
A beautiful skin without the hassle of hair is the desire of many people who do not want to shave their entire life.
THE PREVIOUS up , time-consuming methods (plucking, shaving etc.) were partially painful and had to be applied regularly.
IPL treatments or Nadelepilationen were the only solution for a longer lasting hair removal for long time. But these methods were time consuming and sometimes not suitable for larger areas .
The newly developed diode laser system solves these problems by using the most modern technology yet. Unwanted hair can be removed in all parts of the body , no matter the skin and hair type.

The positivity and the precision of the diode laser:
The laser beam is a focused , high-energy beam of light. A laser of a specific wavelength is used exclusively for the obliteration of the hair root. The hair follicles are selectively coagulated by short light pulses so that at these points grows no hair .
Hair follicles are subject to different growth and resting phases . Since you can only take follicles in a growth phase with the laser , approximately 4-6 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks are necessary (depending on the treatment area ) . The extreme cooling of the laser head protects the skin , ensures a pleasant feeling and treatment prevents excessive skin irritations .
The treatments take depending on the area of skin no more than 15min and is usually perceived as a slight tweak from the patients / clients.
After the treament a slight redness may occur which disappears in just a few minutes.

Notes on Laser treatment sunbathing or solarium visits
4- 5 days should be avoided after treatment respectively .
2-3 days prior to treatment , please shave the appropriate place .



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